Our Process

Dracor Water Systems relies on a system of deionization to provide customers with purified water. Our equipment and systems are all designed for optimal filtration, with solutions that can be tailored and customized to meet the needs of a wide variety of applications across industries.

Understanding Deionizing

Deionizing is a crucial function of all commercial water systems and reverse osmosis water systems in Durham, NC. The concept involves targeting positively (cations) and negatively (anion) charged ions and removing them from water, to help achieve a high level of purity.

Municipal water—though safe for consumption and general use—can include a number of ions that aren’t acceptable in certain applications, such as laboratories or manufacturing facilities. These ions can take the form of a full range of impurities, including:

Deionizing utilizes resins that have positive and negative charges, to attract impurities of the opposite charge in water. This effectively removes them, purifying the water.

Testing for Impurities

water systems shelfBecause ions have a charge (positive or negative), Dracor Water Systems is able to test your water to understand the level of cations or anions present. This can determine what type of high purity water systems in Durham, NC you’ll need to purify your water. And, when run through the right purification system with the ideal resin combination, your water should come out with a neutral charge on the other side.

Deionize Your Water

No matter what types of ions are present in your water, Dracor Water Systems has a purification system that’s right for removing them. We’ll ensure your system is tailored specifically for your water and make sure that its treatment leaves you with the highest purity possible. For more information about us, our equipment, or water filtration system maintenance, please contact us today by calling 919-383-9421.